Autocraft has remanufactured millions of engines and vehicle components for over 40 years. As the global market transitions to EV, we are in a unique place to offer sustainable, remanufactured solutions for failed Rear Drive Units (also known as Electric Rear Axle Drive – ERAD).

Autocraft is already remanufacturing in high volumes RDUs for a number of manufactures, who are saving £m’s in warranty costs by replacing with a remanufactured unit rather than new. The environmental benefits of remanufacturing are well known, but Autocraft brings to the table the extra confidence in the remanufacturing process, as we recognise that no customer wants the part to fail twice.

Following a similar process to our EV battery and IC engine remanufacture, Autocraft recovers the core (failed) unit back to our EV Centre in Grantham. The unit is cleaned, inspected, and fully stripped on an assembly trolley and using Autocraft’s in-house developed ARIA (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) equipment and software, an electro-mechanical remanufacture process is undertaken. All components are fully checked, worn gears, seals and gaskets are replaced with new, and the unit is fully re-assembled and tested on our dynos before shipping back to the dealer or aftermarket network. The customer can be confident that the remanufactured unit is as good, if not better in terms of performance and carries a warranty as per a new part, at the fraction of the cost to produce.

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