Autocraft provides a choice of semi-permanent containerised solutions for EV battery pack testing, repair and remanufacture, perfect for locating at super-dealerships, and at facilities such as Vehicle Recycling Centres to safely test and discharge packs before dismantling for recycling. These can be installed individually or in a modular solution, perfect for customers dealing with significant volumes of failed EV battery packs from a range of vehicle manufacturers.

We also offer a fully mobile van solution for triage and repair only, bringing Autocraft’s wealth of EV battery knowledge to your facility. Staffed by highly experienced trained Autocraft technicians, our mobile van solution conducts State-of-Health checks, diagnoses faults and either fixes on-site or arranges for the battery to be recovered back to our Grantham facility for remanufacturing. Our mobile van solution is perfect for smaller dealerships and garages with vehicles showing battery faults. Autocraft mobile repairs can be booked to visit your facility, meaning you don’t have to invest in the diagnostic equipment, personnel training and safety processes yourself – leave it to the experts!


Sustainable Charging

Both our containers and mobile vans can be specified with our ‘off-grid’ energy option, providing a very sustainable repair solution. Our off-grid mobile vans contain 2 EV battery packs, ideal for fast charging in places where an industrial power connection is not available. During our mobile triage, our on-board battery packs store energy from the discharging process of the failed pack. After repair, the pack is then fast-charged via energy transfer from the on-board packs. In our optional off-grid containerised solution, solar panels on the top of the containers power an EV battery pack, which powers the test. We also retain power from the dyno on the test by spinning the ERAD motors, feeding the energy back into the battery pack and topping up with the solar panel energy required. So only charge you need is the initial charge of the battery packs in the vehicle/container. It’s self sufficient after that and keeps the energy costs and charging time down at the repair location.

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