As Autocraft had a 10 year head-start on many other companies, combined with over 40 years of experience in engine and transmission assembly, this has led to Autocraft being one of today’s leaders in niche volume EV battery assembly.Our State-of-Health test rigs and “no-fault-forward “assembly processes have been designed and installed by our very talented in-house team.

Autocraft is an ideal partner for smaller car manufacturers who want to offer an Electric or Hybrid option, without the expense and learning curve of setting themselves up as a battery pack manufacturer. We are in the process of developing a new EV Battery Manufacturing and Service Facility in the UK to enable us to build over 20,000 EV battery packs per annum from 2024 to ensure we have the capacity to grow with our customers.


How can Autocraft help niche vehicle manufacturers?

Most niche vehicle manufacturers bring to us a design for their vehicles. Our USP is to apply our ‘Design-for-Manufacture’ (DFM) techniques, with our experienced manufacturing and electronic engineers industrialising the design to ensure it is manufacturable at scale and can be produced at a reasonable cost.

We consult with the customer to ascertain which jurisdictions (markets) the vehicles and EV batteries will be sold into. For example, the regulatory frameworks and standards are different between markets such as the EU, China and USA, and our EV experts will consult with you to ensure you can access the markets with your products.

Autocraft has an extensive UK-based supplier network and established supply chain, ensuring that your EV battery packs meet the Rules-of-Origin (RoO) which require 55% of the pack’s components to be sourced from the UK or EU otherwise be subject to tariffs.

How can Autocraft build niche volume battery packs so competitively?

Building on our experience of building IC engines to OEM engine plant quality standards, we use similar equipment and processes to assemble our EV battery packs.  Our Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly (ARIA) process integrates safe-working protocols with consistent, repeatable, “no-fault-forward” production. ARIA guides the operative through each process, automatically setting and checking torques for each fastening, with a series of cameras and TPS ensuring all fastenings are tightened and components installed in the correct sequence.  Designed and manufactured in-house at Autocraft, our ARIA process has provided Autocraft with a quantum-leap in productivity and quality compared with traditional assembly techniques.  As with our engine production, our kitting processes and ARIA assembly techniques demonstrate our agile working, and our wealth of experience in high variation lines. With engines we can manufacture in batches of one, and this is no different for our EV battery production!


What can Autocraft bring to us?

By using our agile and flexible processes instead of laying down £m’s in tooling, we provide a highly competitive assembly solution.  Autocraft has clear lines of decision making, is highly adaptable to change, will suggest process improvements and implement them at every stage of the process, and will assist you in bringing your product legally to market in the shortest time possible.