Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions

Autocraft Solutions Group provides electric vehicle (EV) battery, powertrain and engineering solutions to a global market. Our EV Solutions division in Grantham, Lincolnshire provides EV battery remanufacturing and new battery assembly, with capacity of up to 2,000 vehicle sets per year.
Assembly of new packs, remanufacturing of failed modules and full testing and warranty is available from Autocraft’s EV Battery Service Centre in Grantham where we offer our unique ‘5R’ programme: Recover > Repair > > Remanufacture > Reuse > Recycle

This is a complete supply solution for new or used EV battery requirements, and provides global EV battery repair solutions for OEMs.

Battery packs can be collected from the customer or the customer can deliver to our EV Battery Service Centre in Grantham. Even the safe Recovery of damaged packs can be achieved. Faulty cells are located on Autocraft EV test rigs and the affected modules are fully discharged and safely disassembled by highly trained EV engineers.

Modules are matched and replaced with Repaired or Remanufactured modules and the whole battery pack is re-tested. Modules dropping below the Automotive State-of-Health (SOH) standards are assessed and where applicable, sent to our 2nd Life Reuse partners for inclusion in non-automotive applications. Battery cells that cannot be reused are safely decommissioned and sent to our Recycling partners.

Our 5R Solution

We have designed our EV capability to be a global solution to avoid sometimes costly and difficult return logistics for failed packs.
Our technologies and processes are built into a Mobile EV Battery Repair Centre inside a shipping container for ultimate portability. Mobile EV Battery Repair Centres can be located to give global coverage at a local level, with fixed or mobile solutions available:

  1. In Super Dealerships that specialise in EV battery repairs for each region
  2. On a trailer transported by HGV and driven between dealerships

Each Mobile EV Battery Repair Centre has the capability to fully repair EV battery packs including:

  • Pack integrity safety check using our patented State of Health (SoH) test equipment
  • Fault identification & repair planning
  • Pack discharge and disassembly
  • Module replacement and pack re-assembly
  • Pack charge / discharge and SoH testing confirming the pack is ready for use and can be returned to the vehicle

All our Mobile EV Battery Repair Centres are designed and built in the UK.

Looking forward we see our 5R solution being instrumental in helping consumers adopt EVs faster because it will give them reassurance over the future cost of ownership. It will revolutionise both EV and hybrid ownership by giving confidence to owners that failures of their battery packs out-of-warranty will no longer lead to writing-off of an otherwise perfectly good vehicle, when they no longer have the security of the original manufacturers warranty.

Because Autocraft started assembling new, niche volume EV battery packs in 2006, we had at least a 10-year head start on many other companies on learning how to assemble packs. This means that today Autocraft is a leader in niche volume EV battery assembly.  We’re an ideal partner for smaller car manufacturers who want to offer an Electric or Hybrid option, without the expense and learning curve of setting themselves up as a battery pack manufacturer. We plan to build a new EV Battery Manufacturing and Service Facility in the UK to enable us to build over 20,000 EV battery packs per annum from 2024, as well as the 5R solution for EV Batteries and the remanufacture of other EV components such as Electric Drive Units.

Autocraft is uniquely placed for a very bright future as the world transitions from ICE to EV.  Talk to us today to find out how we can be the perfect partner for your electric drivetrain requirements.

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